Band and Orchestra Rentals

Getting Started With Your Instrument Rental

It’s that time of year when summer is coming to a close and school is starting up again. This school year you may find yourself with a budding musician, interested in joining the school band. As exciting as that is and as much as it should be fostered and encouraged, as a parent who may not be musically inclined walking into a music store could be easily overwhelmed. Don’t panic. Picking out a suitable entry-level instrument is easy and we’re here to help! Simply knowing what to look for will make this process fun for you and your child. We’ve pulled together resources to help you outfit your future musician with an instrument that they can be proud to play and call their own.

Check out the Rental Guides to the right for information on the instrument your child wants to play.

Buying an instrument vs. Renting an instrument

At some point throughout your child’s musical journey you’ll need to decide whether it’s best to buy or rent an instrument. Renting your child’s first instrument is highly recommended, especially for younger students – for many reasons. The biggest reason is that younger kids’ have a tendency to change their mind… often. Renting an instrument allows you the flexibility to exchange for a different instrument at any time. Not only does this help you, as the parent, save money but you also ensure that your child is happy and engaged with the instrument they really want to play. And rest assured, all rental instruments through Music & Arts pass through our repair facility and pass a quality assurance check to make sure it’s in top playing condition before it touches your child’s hands.

Other Reasons to Rent with Music & Arts:


  • Educator-approved instruments and accessories

  • Competitive rental rates and FREE school delivery

  • 100% rental equity can be applied towards purchase later on

  • Flexible return and exchange options

  • Special early purchase discounts ONLY available to rental customers


We Make Renting An Instrument Easy

At Music & Arts, it’s more important to us to help educate parents and help kids take their first musical step than simply cycling customers through a checkout line. We want to be mindful of your time and your budget but we’ll also make sure that both you and your child are happy with your instrument rental decision. If at any point you have questions that aren’t answered here, we encourage you to stop by your local Music & Arts and talk to any one of our associates to get you on the right path.

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