The Musical Depot Team

Scott and Jodeen Gilreath started Musical Depot in 2005. We had a dream to find a way to bring more music to people and make playing instruments affordable to young and old. Jodeen's strengths are managing the store and the administrative side of the business. Scott's strengths lie in his product knowledge, repair and technical abilities. Scott also has been a musician for 30 years.

Scott & Jodeen

Victoria has been working as a customer service representative and store manager since 2010 at Musical Depot. Victoria handles the administrative duties and scheduling for the School of Music. Her customer service is very friendly and helpful to our customers.

Victoria Gilreath

Zach joined our team in the summer of 2021 as one of our sales team. He has also been a long time customer and guitar student at Musical Depot. Zach is a student at FMU studying Marketing and we think he is going to bring a great energy to our customers.

Zach Dutton

Jeff joined our team in 2016 for PA Installation. He has over 15 years experience in pro audio and setting up sound systems. As a working musician, he is very familiar with how stages and other venues are setup and should sound. With his extensive knowledge and experience he is a perfect fit for the team.

Jeff Springs

Travis joined our team as a music specialist in 2017. Travis has been playing guitar for several years. He also plays banjo, bass, mandolin, and drums. With his great work ethic and customer service, he is a fantastic addition to the team. Travis is also an accomplished repair technician, and has a great drive for repairing and perfecting.

Travis Pattillo


Jeff Springs teaches beginner to advanced guitar, bass, uke, beginner dobro, and intermediate to advanced banjo and mandolin. Jeff has been teaching at Musical Depot since 2009 offering guitar instruction in metal, rock, bluegrass and more. Jeff is an amazing musician and can be found all over Florence playing music. A real asset to the team with his vast knowledge and natural talent.

Jeff Springs

Tyler Bodkins is an acomplished drummer and is well versed in many genres of music. Tyler has been offering his services with Musical Depot since 2012 as a percussion instructor. Tyler has high energy for his students and enjoys teaching very much. He is a drummer for a band called the Spazmatics as well as New Springs Church. Percussion and keyboard are Tyler's passion.

Tyler Bodkins

Travis Pattillo has been offering his services as a beginner to intermediate guitar instructor and uke with Musical Depot since 2012, offering guitar instruction in shred, metal, rock, bluegrass, country, and more. Travis has been playing guitar for several years. He also plays banjo, bass, mandolin, and drums. Travis loves all genres of music and is very excited to help students with their interest in music.

Travis Pattillo

Caleb Oswalt has been offering his services with Musical Depot as a beginner to intermediate guitar, uke  and beginner bass instructor since 2017. Caleb is at Francis Marion with Music Industries being his major study. He has grown up around music his whole life, performing in church, at coffee shops, open mic nights, etc.  Caleb is knowledgeable in many genres such as classical, pop, rock, gospel, and more. Caleb enjoys teaching and is the right fit for many of our students.

Caleb Oswalt

Michael Free has been offering his services as a piano teacher with Musical Depot since 2015. Michael has graduated with a degree in music industry at FMU. Michael has played piano, guitar, and bass for several years. Classical guitar and classical music is his biggest passion. He aslo has experience in other genres of music such as jazz, blues, rock, and pop

Michael Free